Exlinkevents Advocacies

We leave in our world that No Man is An Island but a part of the whole. This principle led me to be active on the following advocacies:


We promote Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), they are the true muscle of our economy and we wanted to increase and grow them. Having said this, we teach or give talk in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Management and Leadership for FREE to groups and schools that wanted to learn from practitioners of these disciplines.


Typhoon Ondoy is a painful lesson that our country experienced. We are motivated not to experience the same fate when another Ondoy comes, this is how Tree500 Movement was born. Tree500 Movement is an advocacy that aims to grow bamboo trees in the riverbanks of Marikina Watershed.

Bamboo trees are a good protector of soil during typhoons and floods; we are committed to partnering with like minded individuals and organizations to plant bamboo trees in Antipolo.

We have existing partnership with the Antipolo City and Peoples' Organization in Antipolo. So far, we have planted around 2,000 bamboo trees. But we are just beginning, your support will be a great help.

Outstanding OFW and Balikbayan Reputation Award (OBRA)
We have started this project last 2009, and we are not wrong in starting this award of recognizing OFWs and Balikbayans who have contributed to our society's progress.

They can be honesty stories, business success stories, community work stories and other unique positive contribution, we recognize them and thank them for these selfless acts that depict the Filipino Spirit.

If you know someone call us and we will be glad to line him/her up for the award.

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