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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Yesterday was a blast! We were presenting to one of our big clients. As we are making a pitch and the values that they can get from one of our upcoming events, the clients did something that stunned us.

She wants and is asking for something different, an out of the box or no box situation or communication campaign ( a booming voice goes with it).

I am melting from my seat while I listen to her. It is like being inside Dantes' Inferno (I mean it). However, the upside of it is that I am enjoying the melting process.

In front of me are signs of changes that is sweeping the promotion and communication industry. Yup, it is a change that the upcoming AD Congress will talk about. It is what the companies are after right now!

It is to allow their brands' personalities to be experienced by the consumers - the best way to penetrate and occupy a space in the consumers mind.

Having said this, it is now an imperative for companies to increase EXPERIENCE MARKETING (EM) in their marketing strategies.

EXPERIENCE Marketing is allowing the consumers to engage, feel and experience the brand. Thus, translating to an increased brand equity and desired bottom line results.

This is where TRADE SHOW and EXHIBITIONS come in - one of the potent EM tool that you can have (To expound on this area is another blog).

Going back to the client that is ranting for something new for her brand. Great to say that we have reached an agreement. We know her need and we are willing to move heaven and earth to satisfy her.

Thank God!

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