Tuesday, December 18, 2007

December is the most cluttered month in marketing. Promotions, ads and events can be seen, heard in every corner. Our mind is totally exhausted. Our pockets empty - zilch!

Viewing this positively, for a marketer it is the ultimate challenge. The season of buying provokes the mind of the marketer to search vigourously to the gap or window of opportunity a buyers mind have. The thing is be on top of the mind of the buyer. The questions is how to be remarkble this December so that the buyers buy and flock in numbers in your events.

Tradeshows and events ultimate weapon is one-to-one engagement.

The power of engagement will answer the challenge of convincing the buyers to buy. Since people sell not products or services.

After realizing this, the next big thing is to make the event THE EVENT that the target market wants to visit. This is the bigger puzzle that we need to solve. What are the ingredients that are needed to attract thousands to flock to the venue of your event. Unmindful of the traffic and other discomforts.

There are a lot of factors that will make this happen but my recommendation is look for two EDGES that will drive the visitors crazy not to be in your event.

But once the visitors are in the event or tradeshows, the people manning the booths must be prepared to ENGAGE and provide a wonderful BRAND Experience.

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