The Need for Philippine Agenda

Friday, February 01, 2008

Last night, the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) held their induction of new officers at the Manila Polo Club.

The event featured Mr. Sammie Lim, President, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI), as one of the keynote speakers.

His talk moved me as it ended by emphasizing that every business in the country must have a Philippine Agenda. An agenda that must be alongside the business objectives all businessmen wanted to achieve.

This statement coming from one of business icons in our country only meant that any business must contribute for the betterment of our society. As businessmen, we cannot neglect or turn our back to the pressing matter of pushing this country to a level of development where all of us Filipinos are living a life of comfort and respect - a life where our country will be worthy to be called first world.

Today's globalization forces us to deal and make business with other countries. Indeed, It is a small world now. It is only fitting that whenever we make business with other countries we must always keep on the top of our minds our PHILIPPINE AGENDA.

I hope we see each other soon where our Philippines is considered a first world country - that will be cloud 9!

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