Despite the Political Turmoil We Must Continue!

Monday, February 18, 2008

It is sad when your country is hit by a controversy that can stall its bright future. As to the controversy, I think it should be resolved and the guilty party punished.

But for the entrepreneurs and the organizations that run this country, I say we must buckle-up and move-on. We cannot be paralyzed by this turmoil. We cannot be discouraged. We have a bigger responsibility that is to ensure that our country reach its progressive destination.

We need leaders with conscience and integrity. We do not need leaders that we must moderate the greed.We need leaders that care and love this country by action. I believe these leaders can be found in the business industry and entrepreneurs who do business to service and bless others.

Onward and let's make this country ASIA and the rest of the world will look for and emulate very soon.

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