Young Entrepreneurs Congress Seminar Sked

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I am posting the Young Entrepreneur Congress (YEC) Seminar Sked. The event will take place this coming June 23-26, 2008.

The event aims to serve the graduating marketing, business management and entrepreneurship students of different schools in the Metro.

However, during the past schools from the provinces was able to send their students in the event.

The event has four general topics: Leadership, Sales and Marketing, Technology for Business and Finance.

At first glance, these topics might be boring but wait! The speakers are great and the knowledge they will share are a product of their success stories using their tricks of the trade, taking this into account, what you will get from the event is PRICELESS for you as a budding entrepreneur.

Hey for those who are reading this blog, I will be around and just tell the secretariat that you have read this blog and I have instructed them to give something for you, a token of appreciation for giving your time and attention.

So see you there!

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