Monday, June 30, 2008

So it ends.

An event that has taken our team, the EXLINK Team, six months to put into completion has ended.

I am speaking about FILNEGOSYO EXPO an event surrounded by other colorful events, the World Marketing Conference, Typhoon Frank, Sinking of the the Ship Princess of the Star, Another Oil Price hike, and Manny Pacquiao winning his 4th World Title.

There are other events that unfolded - noteworthy and worth remembering but that I reserve for another blog.

The duration of the event is not the end of the event. It is my opinion that end of the duration of the event is just a beginning.

Questions like did the visitors benefited from the event, are the exhibitors happy about the results of the event, what is the economic impact of the event. These questions are begging to be answered. In the coming weeks it will be answered by our research team.

While they are working on it, another FILNEGOSYO begins this October and before that other EXLINK involved events will unfold.

So we are ending to begin another story.

To all that visited the events and shared their time and expertise THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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