Marketing Rockstars

Friday, June 27, 2008

Seth Godin said that marketing begins before the product and service is made. If I may add, being a professional marketer is synonymous to being a rockstar.

Yesterday at FILNEGOSYO was a blast indeed, sans the body slams and other tribal antics, the talk of Mr. Alex Flores, Phil. Marketing Association President, Mr. George Macasero, Entrepreneurs Society of the Philippines President, and Tim Bennet, If Feel Good, Inc. President.

Attendees where treated to an explosion of knowledge and great public speaking. Sort of like being experiencing Nirvana when your listening to music.

Yup! The seminar area is more than filled to the rafters and the attendees, most especially the students is asking for more.

Indeed, the year ushers for a new breed of rockstars - the Marketing Rockstars!

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