Experience the Message

Monday, September 29, 2008

Obviously media as medium of promotion and awareness is very fragmented. In our country, internet and web 2.0 such as this one is gobbling the numbers of the traditional media. Eventhough, I am a user of this medium, still the best media medium must guarantee an experiential moment.

The best medium i could think of that has the character to provide a stimulating affair with the human senses is EVENTS in any form. Most especially, COMPELLING EVENTS.

If I cannot convince you because of my limited knowledge of the major changes and cases that support this theory. I recommend you the book of Max Lenderman's Experience the Message.

Hopefully, after reading the book or browsing the book you may consider adding events as part of your campaign. For the independent entrepreneurs, bazaars and tradeshows are the way to start infusing events in your marketing activities.

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