We Are A Team!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Competition in our present landscape is fierce. Moreso, when the economic condition is very volatile.

But look what have we, all member organizers and other members of PACEOS staged something impossible possible. We made an event through a collaborative effort. A successful event squeezed in between the busy schedules of everybody.

The Philippine MICE Forum held in Sofitel last month is a great starting point of the potential capabilities of what a synergy of all MICE stakeholders can create and contribute to the country.

Already there is a talk of a Cebu leg for the successful event. EXLINK is excited to being part of making the leg a success for one thing, it is because it will benefit the country and the players of the industry professionalize more.

Again, kudos to all the hardworking people of PACEOS, HSMA, PCVC and DOT.

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