Bazaars are coming to Town!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The last week of October until the holiday season is bazaar time in the country. Its mind boggling considering the fact that we have malls, ukay-ukay stores, and our regular local markets that offer the same things in the bazaars.

Its a Filipino Thing, i suppose. The haggling is one of its best feature and, of course, the thrill of finding something that cannot be found from other commercial establishments and the fact that you can get it cheap!

I don't want to sound Scrooge but retailers are predicting a lukewarm reception of the buyers and shoppers because of what's happening abroad.

But here's the thing, I have this friend who was working at Singapore and just took a one week respite last week in the Philippines. He was surprised that the malls are full and many are buying.

I guess only in the Philippines is the answer for this positive comment.

So my take, we will have a happy season despite the fact..

Bazaars will still be a profitable venture for those who have already have one.

But caveat to those who are planning to put up one today. It may not be wise.

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