Battle Field Live - Teambuilding Game at its Best!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Battle Field Live a war game using laser guided guns that emits electronic signals in a contraption attached to one of the players body if you are hit is one of the latest CORPORATE TEAMBUILDING TECHNOLOGY to hit the country.

The ancient Sun Tsu, author of the famous Art of War said in his edicts that a great team skilled, trained and unified are one of the ingredients in being victorious in battle.

Corporation is like a country going into war with another corporation. See how tough your corporate team is or better yet have fun and see how your team fares when pitted with another team.

Know all the answer to these questions when you visit Asian Business Expo and try the Battle Field Live on-site, November 28-30, 2008.

Recession is a war situation where only the toughest team survive. Emerge victorious in 2009. Learn about this latest teambuilding technology.ASAP. And that's an order SOLDIER!

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