Entrepreneurs Forward March!

Monday, February 09, 2009

The current global crisis can kill the faint of heart. Many already did ( No kidding!).But a special breed of group those that are molded to be one is taking the cudgels for our country. They are the entrepreneurs.

Our export entrepreneurs are hit badly but I believe those that are true to their calling will bounce back.

Why am I saying these?

Entrepreneurs are simply opportunity seekers. The more dangerous the situation is the more there are opportunities!

Our client developers are developing property in breakneck speed this year. Some of our taipans are continuously increasing their investment in some of their core business, to name a few, San Miguel Beer, Gokongwei and Sy's of SM are investing a great deal of money in this year.

So let us stop cowering in fear of losing our jobs because according to People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) 60% of the member companies are looking for new employees.

And what if you lose your job, it can be god send that the reason why you lose your job is to fulfill your calling of being an entrepreneur! This is the story of Mr. Butch Albaraccin, founder of the Center for Pop Music.

Again, fellow entrepreneurs forward march and let us continue the progress of our country!

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