Low Predictability and Leadership

Monday, March 30, 2009

Yes ! I was there at Sofitel enjoying every Blair Nuggets of Wisdom.

It is indeed a privilege listening to Mr. Blair and how he exchange wit with our very own Che-che Lazaro.

Since much has been written with his visit to Manila, just allow me to focus on his statement that WE ARE LIVING IN A WORLD OF LOW PREDICTABILITY.

I remember during my graduate studies days, one professor of mine showed a booked entitled BLUR. He is also espousing the same concept that everything is happening in a BLUR - that the world is to fast for us to predict what is coming.

In this era of LOW PREDICTABILITY, the importance of Leadership with Values and Love for Humanity becomes more important (I hope I don't sound preaching).

Technology made LOW PREDICTABILITY more of a norm. Just look at our cellphones, first we have a unit that is the fad and the latest.Then just after two weeks, our cellphone units are outdated already (a sad reality of commercialism).

But to me, LOW PREDICTABILITY is an OPPORTUNITY for us FILIPINOS to create something that our culture and history can only create and BRANDISH it to the world.

I don't have an idea what it is. But all I know we are a bamboo the know how to confront strong winds. Therefore, it is just a matter of time. Hopefully I see it in my era.

But if I have powers, let share my wishlist:

1. A Filipino FACEBOOK that is famous globally supplanting FACEBOOK!

2. A Bamboo Car - organic and fuel efficient!

3. An organic fastfood restaurant!

4. Lastly, salabat ala Starbucks brand!

5. A Filipino leader that the global world admires for honesty and leadership!

Nothing harm in dreaming and wishing...

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