3 Lessons I Learned After Reading " The Hunger Games"

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

After finishing "The Hunger Games" of Suzanne Collins I can't help but realize the following lessons that can help us in facing today's challenging landscape:

1. Survive by Focusing on Your Expertise

Katniss will not be alive if she did not focus on her skills. The bow and arrow which is her favorite weapon when hunting outside District 12 helped her in surviving and, eventually, winning the Hunger Games.

She realized that she cannot compete with the other 23 contestants without the bow and arrow. That is why she feels elated when she was able to have this weapon. And the rest of the story we already know.

Isn't it in real life we can only win if we use the gifts and expertise that we have?

2. The Greatest Thing We Can Do is Sacrifice Ourselves for the Good of Others

Katniss demonstrated this BIG TIME in two situations. One is by volunteering to substitute for her sister as a tribute. Second by opting to just be killed alongside Peeta, which save both of them, and be declared the winner of The Hunger Games.

Katniss also demonstrated this by supporting and providing for the livelihood of her mother and sister.

I believe that the more we help others the more we are blessed and the more good things take place even without us expecting it or when we need it badly.

3. Love provides the right decisions

Katniss loved her sister, her district, even Peeta. For this she made the right decisions by using Love as a guide.

I hope that to each and everyone of us, we can maximize Love to make the correct decisions in our life or even rectify the wrong decisions that we made.

Now, after writing all of this. I am looking forward to read Catching Fire - Book Two of the Story.

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