Just Make it Fly

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The last time I talked about airports it feels like I am ranting. But of course I do. I believe that we must rant in order to be felt by the government and private sectors that are powerful to make some change in our airports.

It seems my ranting is working. I know that I am not the only one making comments about our airports, there are millions of nationalistic Pinoys praying and hoping to someday see an airport that would be like an edifice that everybody can be proud of.

Last time I have heard it was Manny Pangilinan who wanted to develop Clark Airport, I feel elated and looking forward in him making it happen. However, today it hit the major dailies that a consortium backed by the Malaysian government is willing to pour $150 Million in direct investments to jumpstart Clarks Airport Development.

I say things are looking a bit rosy. I say if all transactions are above board then let us do it. Secretary Alberto Lim, Department of Toursim, said that it is his priority. P-Noy emphasized this focus on making infrastructure a center piece of his leadership in the government to uplift not only our economy but our spirit as a country that is eager to embrace development.

Again, let us do it and make a dash to the finish line of having an International Airport that will make tourists feel great upon landing in our country and our Balikbayan and OFWs proud upon returning to their country.

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