Monday, July 26, 2010

I visited an event last Friday at a venue in Pasay. I was surprised that in the newspaper the announcement was Free Entrance and yet when I entered the event the organizer is asking for a P100.00 entrance fee.

I did not make any argument and dutifully paid the P100.00. As an organizer, I know how it is hard to survive the event even to make it break-even. However, this should not be an excuse. As organizers, what was announced to the public must be honoured regardless what is the financial conditions of the organizer or the event. We have a duty to deliver to the exhibition visitors – to give what was announced and promised.

Between surviving a financially problematic event and being honourable, I would rather lose money than lose face. I would rather side with the ethical dimension of the event than the financial dimension of the event when this two collide.

Let this be a reminder to all organizers of exhibitions and conventions. Money will always come back to those who know how to honour commitments and promises.

I may write the organizer even if it is not a member of PACEOS so that they will tow the line of what should be a conduct of a Filipino organizer. By doing this, I hope they will wake-up and realize this major error they have done.

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