Haay PAL

Thursday, August 05, 2010

What can we do? It seems there are a lot of worms in the can that is just now surfacing at the Philippine Airlines.

I will live with a facility that is old and decrepit but I cannot live along with people who are hurting and demotivated. How can they serve well if their soul are bedraggled.

Yes let us tell the pilots to love our country but when the stomach is aching or the respect to oneself is zero a catastrophic scenario is just around the corner.

Moreso, if offers on all sides of the globe is very tempting.

There is a middle ground. However, I think that this is a case of a lazy giant not having a competition that led to this quagmire. A giant that has become so relax that it forgot basic responsibilities to its people.
Haaay PAL.

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