KABUHAYAN means Partners in Life

Monday, September 13, 2010

Life as we all know is a very complex matter. One of its complexities is our economic survival. Livelihood as others may want to call it. In this age where speed is the norm of the day, we find ourselves confused on where to source our livelihood.

Good thing that entrepreneurship is a word spreading like a wild fire in our country. Entrepreneurship is an attractive path that allows you to control your destiny in the aspect of your economic wellbeing. Another positive about this is the widespread Filipino business opportunities being offered left and right. All you have to do is find the right event where you can tap the opportunities readily available for you to start your own business.

When it comes to events to realize your business objectives Kabuhayang Pinoy Expo is a dependable event to provide you with a variety of business opportunities ripe for your picking.

Kabuhayang Pinoy Expo slated this coming 5,6 and 7 at Trinoma Mall Activity Area is an event that aims to provide affordable business packages offered by almost 100 exhibitors to people like you who are trying to find a business that will serve as your companion in providing you the economic wellbeing you so desire.

The expo will showcase franchising and dealership on the following areas of your interest like food, fashion, health and beauty, cars, finance, technologies, and services.

It will also provide you FREE Business seminars that will solidify your knowledge and commitment to have a business that you can work on immediately to start you exciting journey as a business owner. The event is expecting thousands of visitors to gather and engage with different Filipino businesses promoting and encouraging people like you to be partners of their business organizations.

Kabuhayang Pinoy Expo is a unique event that shows you the beauty and power of having a deciding to choose a business that will serve as you economic companion in your walk with life.

The event is more than the opportunities presented in front of your eyes, it may already be an internal awakening closer but not exactly about spirituality. It is an awakening about how you can take hold of your destiny and economic status. It is about you experiencing “Eureka moment” on how to get on top of the hustle and bustle that is called life.

The event is all about you as a Filipino deciding to break free of poverty by running a business, and at the same time, helping others by creating jobs to the business that you started.

Kabuhayang Pinoy Expo is produced and organized by EX-LINK Management and Marketing Services Corporation. If you want to be a partner please call tel # 6433887 or visit www.exlinkevents.com.

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