Communication Management in Events Management

Friday, January 28, 2011

In the project management class that I am attending here in Tokyo one hot topic is communication management . Every attendee expressed the difficulties in managing communication.

Our lecturer, Taeko Inoue of Sony, mentioned that in their company the more difficult because Japanese Culture tends to use ambiguous words. For them, a simple word can have deeper meaning. This makes communication more challenging.

A lot of ways to improve communication have been discussed. What is interesting is the topic of High Context and Low Context Communication. In high context, every message implies deeper meaning. This communication is depicts Japan . In the Philippines, we are in the middle of High Context and Low Context Communication. This is mainly because of our Western influence.

The point of this matter is simple; in order for communication to be successful we must know the context of our group. Lastly, in the class I added that the element of TRUST should exist in order for the message to get through to the receiver of the message.

In event management in the Philippines, communication is essential in order to provide perfection or precision to the execution of the event.

The challenge is there and for us event managers embracing the challenge and being scientific about it to achieve results is a must.

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