5 Reasons Why You Must Join “Look and Feel Great Event”

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

There are many reasons why you should join and many reasons why you must not entertain the idea of not joining “Look and Feel Great Event”, an event that is slated to tour all Ayala Malls in Metro Manila.

So I am elaborating the top 5 reasons to pique your interest:

The event will give you exposure MAXIMUM EXPOSURE in the mass market that visits the mall. You cannot achieve it in other marketing tools. Besides, even if you achieve it in other marketing tools but “Look and Feel Great Event” allows you meaningful exposure and other marketing tools pales in comparison to this aspect.

The event is a tool that allows you to leverage you promotion. First and foremost it can be a selling strategy; second, it can be a communication strategy or both. By having these two aspects you would be able to benefit greatly from the event. Give your products and services a great leap forward in terms of goal accomplishment for this year.

Are you looking for new partners or clients, the Look and Feel Great Event will surely provide you this. The event is a business event that not only caters for sellers but for buyers or partners that is why you can be assured that after the duration of the event you will have qualified partners that will help you catapult your business to a better level  than last year.

The event is a marketplace of competing and cooperating products and services. Edward Bono coined it coopetition: competing and cooperating.  The event will provide you knowledge on what are the latest moves your competitor is doing. The event is indeed an eye opener that is worth your money and effort.

Whatever we do this is the most important part of “Look and Feel Great Event”  - the generation of sales. More buyers and more partners mean more sales. More presence in this strategic venue and event means more sales. Sales is the lifeblood of the organization and marketing action must convert to sale and we understand this that is why you can feel at ease on us the organizer of the event because we are on the same page when it comes to this aspect.

Well, I hope you find the reasons compelling that right now your hand is itching to call us. So call us now, we will be waiting to serve you and give you one of the FEW REMAINING SPACE in the event.


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