An Event to Encourage Entrepreneurship

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today is the first of a series of events that EXLINK and SM Global Pinoy will provide to the public,  an event that aims to provide value to SM’s Global Pinoy members and to the malling public. The event is about FREE ENTREPRENEURSHIP SEMINARS given by Entrepreneurs themselves.

In a way it is like giving back and helping others to also find their place in the sun (for this matter in the field of business).

The data that 99.6% of the business in the Philippines is comprised of Small and Medium Enterprise is already an explanation of how powerful starting a business can be to an individual. It means anybody with the passion and determination can an entrepreneur. It means that anybody with value to offer can be part of the growing number of people entering the field of start-up business.

It precisely means that with a big heart it is not hard to be an entrepreneur. In fact, the hardest part is how to sustain and grow it.

In my conversation with an official from Bureau of Small and Medium Enterprise Development (BSMED) she mentioned that Metro Cities are already saturated with business education and that entrepreneurship is very vibrant. Events, expos and exhibition on Entrepreneurship are very evident in Metro Manila.

I remember during the early days we are one of the first organizer to produce an entrepreneurship expo, we called it “Hobbies Turned Business Expo (H2B)” it was a huge success, it was then year 2001.

At present, the explosion of entrepreneurship event and shows is very BIG. Everywhere we are flooded with information urging us to be entrepreneurs – and we should be!

We need to help ourselves and our society and one of the best highways is Entrepreneurship.
So as I say this, I am preparing for my talk at SM San Lazaro, there are 16 malls that EXLINK is managing simultaneously. I am excited and thankful that I am given the opportunity to share and that my group is given a project like this to benefit a larger number of our population.

In this project, my belief that an event is high impact and  that a good event can create a positive change in the society has been firmed-up deeper in my heart.

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