Friday, March 11, 2011

Face- to -face conversation is a communication medium our old brain has been accustomed to.  Face to face has been with us since the start of civilization and has proven to be very effective in creating trust and enduring relationships.

So the question now is why are we not using it to fully maximize its potential in our business? We do not need more people to see us, we need few but quality people to talk and exchange ideas with.

Mass marketing like newspaper, T.V. and yes Online is effective but effective on to what degree? Who is more aware of your products and services, the one that saw your billboards while he was driving his car or the one you have a chance to talk with in a short but meaningful period of time?

Face-to-face communication is here to stay and the power to harness it is up to us whether we use it for our personal progress or for our business progress.
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Look and Feel Great Event is EXLINK‘s first event it will be held in Market Market, Taguig this coming April 15-16, 2011.

We never expected to have a very warm reception by the companies lining-up to join the event but that is how this event turned out to be like a hot potato.

But guess what? If you have products and services related to the event and you want to promote it in this very vibrant and exciting exhibition do call us now because we still have a very very few slots left and we wanted you to have an opportunity to reap the benefits of the event.

Call us now at tel # 6433887 or email me at ex_link2001@yahoo.com.

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