Measuring Customer Relationships in Expo

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Besides Sales there are other important Key Result Areas that we can measure in order to maximize our participation.
A lot of companies become myopic or short sighted in thinking expo participation is all about sales. I am not saying Sales is not important but there more to expo than hitting or targeting sales.

I will discuss today about Customer Relationships. Customer Relationships is very essential in winning a sale. During hard times, a solid customer base will help you overcome the difficult times and be victorious in practical terms it means you will have a healthy bottom line.
This is the reason that a special field was developed in this aspect of the business. I am talking about Customer Relations Management (CRM). The war on winning customers and maintaining loyalty is so fierce that CRM as a science is one of the frontier where companies go at it with each other.

Now, going back to developing customer relations in expo, these are the following metrics that we have to measure in order to ensure that we have maximize our participation in the event.
They are:

                        1. Build Customer Relationships with Current Customers
                        2. Educate Customers
                        3. Upsell and cross sell customers
                        4. Re-sell lapsed customers

These are simple metrics that you can use when you join the expo but very powerful and I guarantee that it will have a very big impact on your bottom line.

No rocket science involve just a simple reason that before a customer buys a product he/she must buy the person selling the products. The people behind the products and services are the products themselves and this is an invisible value that we have to measure and pay special attention in growing our business for a long time. 

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