Innovate or Die

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The recent National Marketing Conference held at Sofitel Philippine Plaza is an event where innovation as a word seeps into every discussion of all speakers. It seems that there is really a big need for all the companies to find the Holy Grail of Innovation and be the first among all the competitors to capture a new market.

I am very excited about the future upon seeing this trend. Yes, our world has changed tremendously because of the innovation boom. Yet, I still expect that bigger and better innovation from different industries take place.

No, I am not a sucker for novelty. I am passionate about seeing great minds to great things to alter the behaviour of the human species.

Just one thing, I hope and pray that all the innovations are to better the world not destroy it. Yes, all innovation must now pass the Green metrics.

Well let us all get at the back of this car called innovation and enjoy the ride.

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