A Difficult Decison in Events Management

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Of course, there are a lot of decision makings that goes on when there is an event. Pre-event requirements demand a lot of decision makings. Some easy and some needs a lot of time before a decision must be made.
But one of the most difficult situations that need a decision in events management is during typhoon or inclement weather. Weather and environment is always part of the matrix in risk factors; we need badly a risk factor plan to address this concern. Yet, even if there is already a plan it is still difficult to decide whether to cancel and move the event to another date when there is a typhoon or projected typhoon to come.

Take the case of this upcoming youth conference that expects 5,000 students, some of the delegates are coming from the province so the risk is too great. Even to students living residing in nearby places the risk of traveling to flooded highways and routes is big.

So what now?

The best decision always varies but in this particular case, the decision was to cancel the event and move it to another date. This decision is the best in my opinion. However, the cost implication like the venue not agreeing to move the event to another date and charging twice for the date that the venue was not used and the date where the event will be move.

Indeed, we are talking to a big sum of money and emotions will run high when it comes to financial implications.

Although if we take the high road, everybody will agree that safety and security of the delegates is the most important reason to cancel and move the event. This makes the decision acceptable and the financial loss (if ever the venue is not lenient) trivial.


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