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Thursday, July 07, 2011

After the success of its first run last April, the second run of Look and Feel Great Expo is slated this July 15-16, 2011 at Glorietta Activity Center.

Look and Feel Great Expo is the only health, beauty and wellness expo road show in the country. The event is an answer to the growing popularity of the health, beauty and wellness business to entrepreneurs and businessmen looking to take part in this estimated 2 Trillion global industry.

The event will showcase body and skin care products, body therapy, diet treatments, natural cosmetics, hygiene and personal care products, healthcare products and services, health supplements and vitamins, diet foods and slimming products,  SPA Center, relaxation rooms, hydrotherapy, massage therapies, medical tourism, specialty hospitals, clinics, resorts and hotels.

“Health, Beauty and Wellness are a sunshine industry and it is not too late to enter in this market. Our country can greatly benefit from shows like ours which promote this industry. The more businesses are created the more it is better from our economy”, said Mitch Ballesteros, CEO, EXLINK Corp.

Look and Feel Great Expo boasts a lot of activities that aim to educate, enrich and entertain the public. The activities are designed to motivate people to go into business and create the quality of life that they aspire. In addition, the activities are meant to deepen the understanding of the public to the importance of health, beauty and wellness in the quality of our life and how it impacts in creating business that contributes to the economic development of the province and country.

Some of the games and activities are in this two day events are Curves Circuit with Zumba Fitness, Laughing Yoga by Mr. Paolo Trinidad, Skinfoot and Mango Fashion Show, Dance Showcase by SIG Center for Arts, Herbalife Fashion Show, Herbalife and Biggest Loser Awarding Ceremony.

In addition, some of the seminars Beauty Inside Out! by Ms. Julia Robillos,           VP for Education and Membership of  The Association Consultants International Philippine Chapter, Health and Wellness Tourism in the Philippines by the Department of Tourism, A Guide Towards Proper Nutrition by Ms. Princess Robemae Donasco, Registered Nutritionist and Dietitian of Am- Europharma, and Opening and Starting Your Own Spa Massage and Wellness Center by         Mr. Jomar Fleras, President Philippine Wellness and Spa Association, Inc.

Some of the participating companies are San Miguel Coffee Mix, Cherifer, Derm Clinic, Herbalife, Pharmatrix Corporation, BCP Dermatological Corp., Curves, AM EuroPharma and Carelink Healthcare and a lot more.

Look and Feel Great Expo is produced and organized by EXLINK MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING SERVICES CORP. For more information, contact 643-3887 or visit or email

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