Yoga as Rehab Technique Talk at Conference

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Filipino Therapists Conference | Filipino Rehabilitation Conference
Yoga as a Medical Rehabilitation Technique may give patient healing process faster

Yoga as a form of medical rehabilitation will be discussed in the upcoming Filipino Therapists Conference and Expo, September 24-25,2011 at Crown Plaza, Ortigas Center, Quezon City.

Mario Antonio V. M Reyes, expert in Yoga as a form of medical rehabilitation, will discuss and share his knowledge on this interesting topic. He is a practitioner of this science for 23 years and expected to contribute to the growing knowledge and science of rehabilitation medicine.

Yoga is an ancient Indian Science and way of life. The practice of Yoga can also play a role in rehabilitation of physically and mentally handicapped persons, as well as those are socially disadvantaged.

Yoga and meditation focus on removing stressful and distracting thoughts from a person’s mind and help them regain their composure and focus so that they can successfully continue with their recovery.

Yoga is fundamentally different from conventional medicine in its approach to injury. Rather than attempting to isolate the cause of an injury to a single factor and to correct it using a specific cure, yoga aims to treat injury by working with the body’s natural healing systems and improving health on all levels.

Asanas, or yoga movements, relax and strengthen muscles and massage internal organs; pranayama, or focused breathing, delivers oxygenated blood to injured areas; and relaxation and meditation calm the mind and reduce pain in the form of tension.

For more about yoga as a medical rehabilitation join the event and call tel. 6433887.

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