A Fresh and Fun Way To Start Philippine Tourism

Saturday, January 07, 2012

The new logo of the Department of Tourism gained a lot of positive feedback from the industry and around the country.

Indeed, it depicts who we are as a people.

Now as Senator Dick Gordon commented beyond the logo is the infrastructure and preparation to deliver the promise. Our tourism system must be solid to welcome the influx of tourists.

May I humbly suggest the following:

1. Finish and ensure the Clark Airport is a world class infrastructure.

2. Transfer International Flights to NAIA 3.

3. Renovate or Sell NAIA 1.

4. Give Incentives to local MICE Companies.

5. Bid for International Events Aggresively.

I will expound the importance of all these recommendations in succeeding blogs. For now this will be enough.

I strongly believe It's More Fun in the Philippines!

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