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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You are very right when you said,” Whaaat just 20 days left!”

Indeed, that is how time flies. So fast it goes without event looking at you. Yet the most important question begs to be asked.

Have you registered already?

If not what is holding you back. You agree that knowledge is power. You concur that tax savings is vital in order to ensure your company’s profitability. So why is there a delay in filling-up the Reply Form? It only takes a few minutes to complete it and send to us.

Yes, Taxation is a very technical matter. It may sound boring at times. But guess what, we have made adjustments to make it entertaining.

We guarantee that you will learn and enjoy the experience of being in the first PHILIPPINE TAX SUMMIT.

So call us at tel.no. 643.3887 and see you there.

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