5 Reasons Why Event Promotion is Here to Stay!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A lot of changes had taken place in the marketing landscape. But more of the changes are in the online arena where social media is dominating it.

The dominance of social media changed our behavior. However, the change in behavior does not mean we jump the bandwagon and pour all our resources in marketing our products and services in this new domain.
Surprisingly, it is in these times of great change that event promotions are very much needed and in demand. Here are the top 5 reasons why?

1.       Best Way to Engage Market

The one-on-one platform provided by event promotion allows seller to convince buyer on all the benefits that a certain product or service possess. Also, all the questions of the buyers are addressed instantly. The moments created by events are so intimate that the engagement is way of the roof.

2.    Best Way to Generate Feedback

Being at the moment, means that you have the opportunity to get immediate feedbacks to buyers and new markets. This precious benefit if use wisely can give you a bang to your investment in event promotions. It is like having a free market research because all the target market you wanted to be with are there giving their quick feedback once your engagement begins with them.

3.       Best Way to Generate Sales Leads

People give their time and attention to an event because they are interested in your products and services. You don’t force them to go in the place of your event. They go there because they wanted to and they see something in your products and services. Ergo, they can be the leads that you want and a hot leads at that!

4.Best Way to Expand Network

Man is a social animal and events give this important need. This also brings us to expanding our social network better than facebook or other social media because you meet the people in person and there is always something magical to the actual shaking of the hand and exchange of smiles and pleasantries. Indeed, what you generate here are live network that you can tap anytime you wanted it because they know you personally.

5.       Best Way to Create and Renew Relationships

Again, we are social animals that thrive on face-to-face encounters. Humans create strong relationships when they see each other. Events are venue to create new relationships and renew old relationships.  In fact, all markets hunger for a real presence of the products and services we are carrying. No other platform can claim the deeper relationships events provide.

As a conclusion, events are here to stay because it is part of us. No matter what gadgets or applications are invented human relationships will still be best created in events, this is why event promotion is here to stay and will never be obsolete.

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