The Philippine Tax Summit Invitation

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Philippine Tax Summit is fast approaching. It is an opportunity to learn in a short period of time concepts that can save you hundred of thousand pesos.
The event is a learning session that will give you confidence and remove your fear when the BIR comes knocking on your door.
Fear of the BIR is a common feeling among Small and Medium Enterprise owners, fear that is not unfounded but can be easily addressed by being educated on how Philippine Taxation works.

This is the reason why the event was born to once and for all kill the fear that resides in your chest as an owner or manager that has is tasked to deal with this issue.

The Philippines Tax Summit guarantees to:

ü  Save Your Hard Earned Money from Tax
ü  Avoid Costly Errors in Your Remittance and Recording
ü  Give You Knowledge to create a System that Ensure Tax Compliance
ü  Confidence in Facing Tax Responsibilities
ü  Wisdom and Real Knowledge About How Taxation Works in the Country

As of now, we are slowly RUNNING OUT OF SEATS in the event. And we don’t want you to be left out of this very educational event. We want YOU to be part of this event in order to learn and share with other participants like you the TAX CHALLENGE you are facing.

The next step to complete this is by booking now and call us at 643.3887 to reserve your slot. The only winner by if you take this action is you and your company. So hurry!

ACT NOW AND GET BIG SAVINGS AS MUCH AS P2, 300.00++                

On or before January 20,2012
P 8000.00 + Vat
On or before February 20,2012
P 8700.00 + Vat
On or before March 15, 2012
P 9400.00 + Vat
Save more on Group
5 and Up participants

All fees are inclusive of the seminar pass, snacks/coffee, certificate of attendance, and priceless insights and knowledge from the speakers – who are former BIR officers and Experts from the field of Philippine Taxation.

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PARTICIPANT 2    [ ] MR    [ ] MS    [ ] MRS    [ ] DR   [ ] PROF
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Name of Company/Organization
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