Why Are the Filipinos and the World in Love with J. Lin

Friday, February 17, 2012

The local news industry included Lin in their news reporting and why not Jeremy Lin with jersey number 17 shows a lot of things Filipinos like us are easy to fall in love with.

1.       We Love Underdogs

J. Lin is an ultimate underdog. Nobody expected him to rise from the stature that he is now enjoying. He battled all odds to be part of the starting five. Now the New York Knicks is enjoying a winning streak they never had experienced the previous year.

2.       We Love Hardworkers

J.Lin is not a flashy guy but he works hard and thinks hard to be at the top of his game. This is what Filipinos are not flashy but works and thinks hard to deliver above normal results. Watching J.Lin reminds us who we are in our relationship with life.

3.       We Love People that  rises beyond the rubble of life  and be successful

J. Lin ‘s story is just beginning but it is enough for us to make him a hero. He showed that the human spirit can triumph against the harshest challenges that life can offer. In his case, being cut twice by NBA teams and sleeping in the sofa o of his relative and co-player just to pursue his hoops dream.

4.       We Love Humble People

Despite the success he remains grounded. He acknowledges the coach as the key to his success and  his teammates as the most important element of winning than his individual contribution. Even the frenzy that surrounds him he does not allow to enter his mind. He remains humble and hardworking.

 5.       We Love Asians

In this basketball crazy country who dreams of winning an Olympic Gold Medal and sending a Filipino into the NBA. J. Lin is an inspiration. He is an Asian. He’s height and physique just like Filipinos. He showed it is possible and doable.

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