11 Tips for A Healthy and Happy Life

Friday, March 30, 2012

by Mikhail Tuknov
1. Relish your food. Time is a luxury many people don't have today. As a result, you have people rushing about their dinners, eating in front of the television, grabbing a few pieces of toast for breakfast and the like. This just won't do. By taking some time and chewing your food properly, you will be able to make sure that your digestion works efficiently.
2. Walk more often. Whenever you walk, you are actually exercising. When you have enough time, you might want to walk instead of ride. Why, with the ever-increasing costs of gasoline today, this activity might help you save some cash as well as give you the exercise you need. It is said that an average of 10,000 steps daily should help keep you fit.
3. Relax. Stress plays a key role in the degeneration of cells. If you want to keep looking younger, you should smile more. Learn to enjoy life. When you learn how to manage your life better and avoid stress, you will find that you have better health. Now that's something everyone wants.
4. No such thing as a six-second exercise. A lot of people are spending hundreds of dollars on machines that claim to exercise a person without doing any work. However, you should realize that there's more to exercise than muscle training. Using a machine to tone your abs won't work if you keep accumulating fat. You need to have cardiovascular training in order to truly use energy efficiently. You need to perform some sort of vigorous exercise which leaves your heart pounding and you nearly out of breath for more than 15 minutes at a time.
5. Be informed. Most people suffer from malnutrition simply because they turn to all the wrong solutions for their health problems. Before following a diet regime or buying a new gadget, you should really read up more on what is good for you. This includes food substitutions and get-thin-quick schemes.
6. Eat fresh and organic. Whether it comes to meat or veggies, you need to stop going for what's quick and start eating what's right. Fresh produce not only produces healthier meals, it also tastes the best. Don't you think that eating food full of chemicals with names you can't even pronounce can be just a wee bit dodgy?
7. Be active. Life is too short to waste sitting in front of the television. Be more active. Engage in some sort of activity where you actually have to move. Whether you are taking up rock climbing, martial arts, dancing or even if you just go out and buy an eye toy or a Wii, you should at least try and utilize all those muscles. If you are a retiree, you should try and take up tai-chi or some other activity which requires you to move all your muscles.
8. Set a goal. Whether you are attempting to lose, maintain or gain weight (yes, sometimes, it's better to gain weight than lose weight., you need to set a goal for yourself. Goal-setting will enable you to keep your motivation up, as it will show you what sort of progress you are actually making. Motivation is very important in keeping fit. Are you familiar with the phrase "let yourself go"? Well, that's what really happens. When you let go of your motivation, you let go of your willingness to be fit.
9. Cut back on vices. Did you know that 30 minutes after you quit smoking, your heart rate improves, your blood pleasure lowers and your breathing becomes easier? Smoking will kill you. If you want to improve your health just quit smoking. A glass or two of wine after a meal will definitely help you improve your heart rate. More than that, however, will just be equal to consuming empty calories.
10. Get help. You need some sort of support system in order to help you achieve your goal and keep on track. You might want to turn to a personal trainer, but that would require you to spend some cash. You should, instead, try to go to a friend or your family. Doing this will enable you to have a more personal contact with your support system and help you keep motivated.
11. Start today. It's all well and good to plan, but if you want to get healthy you had better begin immediately. Start being active today. Take action right now. Whether you drop that potato chip or go out running it does not matter; just do it right now. Procrastination only begets more procrastination and you never know when it might be too late.
These tips should help you make sure that you lead a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle will definitely help you lead a happy life. It's a simple equation that doesn't require a rocket scientist to figure out.
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