5 Tips to Sustain Your Energy Level

Friday, March 16, 2012

by Eric Delosrios
To win in life, sticking it out to the end is everything. You need to be able to sustain energy levels so you can do what you have set out to do. In a marathon, for example, the runner who finishes the race is declared the winner. Even if you clocked in the fastest time at the outset that would hardly ever matter unless you are able to sustain that energy all the way to the finish line.
There is really no secret to keeping yourself strong enough to last in your daily activities. Whether you intend to see yourself through your weight loss regimen or simply last through the entire workday, there are practical things that you can do to sustain energy levels.
1. Keep hydrated. When your body lacks water, you become sluggish and tired physically and mentally. Your body can't metabolize energy properly when you're thirsty and as a result, you'll feel fatigued. To prevent this from happening, always have a water bottle with you.
2. Stay away from alcohol. If water is a boon in your life, look at alcohol as a bane. When your body does not tolerate alcohol well and when you've taken more than a glass, it acts to depress your nervous system and makes you feel tired. The initial stimulus you feel with this substance will easily get replaced with lethargy, depression and worse, when taken as a way to escape stress and problems, becomes addictive. With alcohol, you're not just going to be dealing with tiredness associated with a hangover but with overall feeling of malaise as well and that will not work towards sustaining your energy levels.
3. Strive for balance. To sustain energy levels, don't drive yourself to the ground by overdoing everything-- especially work and exercise. Don't keep on accepting projects when you know it will adversely affect the time you will have for yourself or your family. Never workout more than your body can sufficiently handle at a time. When your life is dominated by work, when you can't get enough sleep, when you can't even share a decent conversation with your spouse, then you know you're doing it a tad too much.
4. Revitalize yourself with mind-body techniques. Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi keep you reenergized. Many practitioners are living proof of the ability of these exercises to revitalize and lift depression. Aside from these exercises, you can also get a massage or acupuncture to keep the energy flowing throughout your body. This contributes to increased feelings of wellness.
5. Take in nature. Just staying outdoors can have a revitalizing effect on the body. Whenever you can, take the time to actually smell the flowers and the clean scent of freshly-mowed grass or the invigorating feel of early morning dew. You'll be surprised at how a few breaths alone can sustain energy levels throughout the day. Avoid being cooped in an air conditioned office all day. Take lunch break walks in a nearby park and let the sights, sounds and smell of the outdoors keep you energized.
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