3 Great Tips for Golf Swing Success

Friday, May 11, 2012

by Jones Harington
When you want to swing the golf club better, you need to find tips that fit with what you are trying to do. If you slice the ball, you don't want tips about how to fade the golf ball or swing like Tiger Woods does currently. This won't help you much. Just like, if you are a beginner, you don't want advanced tips meant for someone with a low handicap.
Getting the right tips for your golf swing will make a huge difference, if you know how to use them. There are many tips online, in books, and all over the golf magazines, but if you just pick up any magazine or browse any site for tips, you might not find the ones that are right for you. Below are three golf tips to help you and whom they work best for.
1. The Christmas Tree Effect
This tip fits with every golfer and helps with those that are beginners or even those with a mid to low handicap. If you look at the shape of a Christmas tree, it starts very wide at the bottom and gets smaller and smaller towards the top. Now, if we split it in half with a line down the middle we will have the diagram we are looking for.
The middle line is a perfectly straight shot, the right side is a fade/slice, and the left side is a draw/hook, assuming you are a right-handed golfer. For a lefty, just switch it around and you will be set. The goal is to climb up the Christmas tree to the top. This is how professional golfers get to where their missed shots are very small misses instead of hooks or slices out of bounds.
You may be right at the base of the tree, somewhere in the middle, or even close to the top. It doesn't matter you skill level to use this diagram. The basic teaching concept is to take someone that slices the ball and teach them how to hook the ball. When they learn to hit a huge hook, then can start working on lessening that hook until they start fading the ball regularly. The opposite will work for those that hook the ball.
You will go back and forth up the tree until you can hit a draw or fade, but the large slice or hook becomes less and less normal for you. This is how a player can cure their slice or get rid of a duck hook.
2. Toe wins the Race
When you look at the club head, you will notice it has a heel and a toe. If you slice the golf ball, it is because the face is open at impact. A slice describes the curve of the ball and if you just hit the ball straight to the right (for a right-handed player), then you are pushing the ball. That is completely different.
However, if you hit the ball straight at the beginning and it curves to the right, then you slice the golf ball. To fix this, you need to think about the toe of the club head getting to the ball before the heel gets there. This will help you to close the face at impact and will allow you to hit the ball straighter.
3. Back to the Target as Long as Possible
This tip is for the golfer that pulls the ball or even hooks the ball. Most golfers get to this point after they fix their slice or during the process. Pulling the golf ball is usually caused by the front shoulder opening too soon. This can be fixed by keeping your back to the target as long as possible. You can actually use this as a swing thought on the golf course.
Getting the best tips for your golf swing may seem difficult, and the last thing you want to do is try everything found in every magazine, book, or online. This will just cause confusion. In addition, you should know there is no such thing as a "Quick Fix" in golf. You will need to put in the work, practice with new drills, and work with the tips you choose before you see lasting results.
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