5 reasons you must visit the 5th summer golf show

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Today is the day you are waiting for.

Today is the opening of the 5th Summer Golf Show that will run from May 18 to 20, 2012 at Megatrade Hall 2 at SM Megamall.

Today you can cancel your morning tee-off with your golf buddies. There are 5 best reasons why you cancelled this morning habit and to be at the 5th Summer Golf Show.

1. Great Products at Low Prizes

Are we not all magnetized by this yearly gift that we get from this Golf Show? Of course, like others you wanted to be in the thick of things and change your gadgets to help you sharpen your game and get a lower score the next time you hit the green.

2.    Latest Technology

As we mentioned earlier we all look something to give us the edge in our game. In this show, you get a chance to find something special that will push you ahead of the pack. Yes, the show will present latest golfing technology and gadgets that will give the lift you needed in your game.

3.    Raffle Prizes and Cool Giveaways

While you are inside the hall and looking for something that will help you get the “eagles” and the “birdies” you aspire be surprised when your name is called winning some cool prizes and giveaways. I know you agree this is super cool!

4.    Network.Network.Network.

The event also gives you the opportunity to talk to distributors and other golfers. Yes, the event  gives you a rocket booster in other areas of your life. In particular, to network with companies exhibiting and attending visitors like you in this event. At the end of the day, this aspect may prove greater than what you came for before the event.

5.    Second Home. Paradise.

You are a golf enthusiast. You want to be where there are events about golf. So being inside the event is like being inside your home. It is your paradise. Bask in the energy and colorful spectrum of the event. Inhale the air of the golf products and accessories that are all waiting for you for the taking.

After getting these benefits out of the event the next best thing to do is to whack the birds out of the greens until another Golf Show comes around.

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