6 ways to increase productivity

Monday, May 14, 2012

by Megan E. Baerg

Increasing productivity is something that most people struggle with, and that is why I am going to share with you some of my top productivity tips. I'll be honest and say that this is something that I seem to struggle with more than most. I want to share these tips because they have made a huge difference in increasing my productivity over the last few months since implementing them.
Let's be honest, if increasing our productivity was a simple as hitting a button on the keyboard, we would all be 7 figure income earners. The reality is that increasing productivity takes work, dedication, and commitment.
Productivity Tip #1
Tracking - This is one tip that will come up over and over again. Tracking is important because recording what we do is the most effective way to see where changes need to be made. Tracking our actions is a concrete way to see if you are actually being productive, or just busy. Another way to word this is, are you working on your business or are you working in your business?
For the best results, get a journal or notebook and record your days activities. You need to do this daily and consistently if you want it to be accurate. Make sure you are reviewing it regularly to see where you need to redirect your focus.
Productivity Tip #2
Reward System - It has been proven that "celebrating your victories" is an important step when you are making changes. Celebrating your victories not only helps to keep you on track and focused, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and keeps you focused on the positive gains you are making.
The best way to do this is to set up a "reward system" if you will. It's as simple as completing your pre-decided "productivity time" and BAM, you get your reward. Rewards can be anything just make sure it is something that you will want to work for!
Productivity Tip #3
Environment - Productivity tips come in many forms and this one comes in two. The first, is to make sure that your work area is organized and free from clutter. As they say, "A cluttered workspace is a cluttered mind." This also helps keep you focused on the tasks at hand, rather than getting caught up in "getting ready to get ready".
The second part of this tip is to take note of where you are most productive. For some, it's at their desk, others it's sitting on the couch and for others still, it's at a local coffee shop. It's often beneficial to choose certain locations for different kinds of focus. Not everything needs to be done at your desk. There is a lot of merit in changing your location, especially if you are having trouble getting into action.
Productivity Tip #4
Batching - This is one of the productivity tips that can be summed up in one word - LEVERAGE. The concept of "batching" was introduced to me by Tim Ferriss in 'The Four Hour Workweek'.
The idea is to take activities (banking, groceries, the gym, meetings, etc...) that you need to do and "batch" them all together to leverage your time. This way, you waste less time and far less energy on starting and stopping activities.
Productivity Tip #5
Schedule Distractions - This is another of Tim Ferriss' productivity tips. In his book 'The Four Hour Workweek', Tim explains the need for scheduling specific times to do the tasks such as checking email, Facebook, text messages, phone calls etc...as a method of increasing your productivity and freeing up time.
The reason why scheduling specific times to do these things is important, is because on average, people become far too distracted with mundane tasks like checking email (up to 50x/ day) and text messages (up to 70x/day), rather than focusing on income producing activities.
Another reason why this is important is because, on average, it takes up to 2 minutes to refocus on a task after an interruption. That is a lot of time, energy and will power wasted. Increasing productivity means focusing on completing the tasks at hand, not jumping from task to task. Multitasking is NOT effective!
Productivity Tip #6
Accountability Partner - This tip transcends productivity tips, it is widely accepted that to become successful, it is a great idea to have an accountability partner.
From a productivity point of view, having an accountability partner instantly makes what you are doing not just about you. All too often we put off what needs to be done and talk ourselves out of doing what we need to do. We often do this out of resistance and self sabotage, (a topic for another day...), but a funny thing happens when we introduce someone else into the mix. All of a sudden, we get into action because we don't want to let them down. When we make other people reliant on our deadline, we suddenly will do whatever it takes to get it finished on time.
Productivity Tips - Summary
Now that you have 6 new productivity tips, what changes do you need to make, and how much time are you going to allocate to being "productive"?
What if you could commit to 2 hours of high leveraging income producing activities and you did that just 3 times a week? Would that make a difference in your business? For most, this would not only make a HUGE difference, it would also take them from getting ordinary results to getting extraordinary results in their business.
Megan Baerg is an Internet Marketer, Online Business Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Registered Massage Therapist who teaches other like minded people how to leverage the power of the internet to write their own paycheck. She is fueled by a passion to help others not only ignite their own entrepreneurial spark, but to guide and mentor them along the way providing support and cutting edge marketing techniques.
To view the system that is allowing her to realize her dreams, or for more information on how you can join Megan and write your OWN paycheck and fire YOUR boss, visit the link below and meet Jay Kubassek, one of her mentors, and the CEO of the community of Online Entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers.

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