The Top Three Daily Productivity Secrets

Monday, May 28, 2012

If you operate your own business, or if you want to be more effective on your job, three free concepts are available to help you succeed. Practice these steps and be more productive, as well as happy on the job.

1.) Your Schedule
Everyone is busy in these hectic times, whether they operate a business conglomerate,work a factory job, or raise children at home. Although everyone's situation is different, there are still only 24 hours in a day to accomplish everything.
Making a list of tasks to accomplish is the most important first step for you. Once you write your list your have the overall concept of how many items you want to do on a daily basis. Take a few minutes and write down topics such as:
Your Time- Sleeping, hygiene, eating, phone calls, breaks, time with your child, errands, computer time, exercising, etc.
Employment- Expected daily and weekly work items, meeting time, travel time, answering mail, meetings, interaction with co-workers and customers, as well as employee problems, etc.

2.) Be Realistic
Now that you have your written list, you must realistically look at how you can implement each item considering your time restrictions. Write down how much time you really spend on each of these items that are regular tasks. As an example, if employee problems take 3 hours of your time, don't schedule 1 hour.
This exercise will help you to realize exactly how much daily time is unproductive time even though time still marches on. In other words, you will learn what quantity of time is spent NOT working toward your daily goal.

3.) Persevere
Determining the problem is only the start of the journey. Knowing that you have too much to do with too little time to do it won't create change. Now you must get your "game plan" together and stick with it.
If you want to limit your e-mail time to 30 minutes a day, then you must do just that on a daily basis, and not fall back into hours of daily e-mail correspondence. Unnecessary office conversations or complaint sessions must be kept to a minimum each day. Distractions at home can't just be avoided today and not tomorrow, if you want any benefits from your hard work.
No matter which methods you use to increase your productivity, just strive to embrace the three principles in this report and you will ultimately be successful.

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