5 Golden Rules to Be More Productive At Work

Sunday, June 24, 2012

by Ali Asadi
You ought to make ultimate use of your time. Obviously you believe in "Time is Money", so you shouldn't waste your money. In other words, you won't like if your money is being wasted by others. Will you? So for this matter, you need to be more concentrated towards all important things you got to do. You should make the most of your time by working in a smart way. You should win your battles against whatever time you think you have already wasted. You've got to take risks, need to go against the rule and make something productive out of it.
Following are some simple tips to help you make your work more productive:
1. Avoid answering unnecessary calls during your work hours!
Set time limits. You should spot the people who waste your time with continuous messaging, web surfing, phone calls or chit-chatting. Stay away from them, and try to limit your interaction with them to as less as you can. The minutes you spend talking to them distracting yourself can let you lose your precious hours and thus, you end up losing productivity. Therefore, you should make it a point to end your conversations at proper time with polite replies. When you really need to get something done, make yourself unavailable. You should set a proper schedule in which following should be included:
  • No unnecessary e-mails.
  • No visitors.
  • It is all okay if you want to work with complete privacy.
  • No calls or texts.
2. Prioritize your tasks
Set your priorities right! What is more important? Prioritize your tasks based on return on investment. It's all your choice, make calendars for weeks or months if you like schedules, or you can even create a priority lists on daily basis, that will help you set your priorities right and achieve your deadlines on time. This will help you meet your goals, and will also help you to improve your concentration on things at your workplace helping you to become the upcoming star in your office.
3. Clear out the clutter
Yes, all of us know that this is such a boring thing to do. You will opt to die instead of cleaning your desk. I know it's one of the tedious works to do, but you need to be organized. Keeping your surroundings and desk clean will make your atmosphere livelier.This will also improve your status at your workplace as everyone will come to know how efficiently you work and why are you so successful. You need to get rid of things which are least important to you and keeping your desk clean will help you get things done much faster.
4. Make the most of your meetings
Make it a point to write agendas for meetings and attend the meeting only within the fixed time. There is a major productivity loss if you go late to the meetings and are not well prepared. Track all your appointments and reach before the beginning of the meetings. Make it a point to gain as much as you can in the group discussions and solve all your queries related to the targets.
5. Relax
Last but not the least, you ne-e-d to keep a few minutes aside from your daily schedule for yourself. Just close your eyes and relax in peace. Even a small session of meditation will help you ease your mind and body of stress.

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