5 Reasons Why You Should Be at ASIANNOVATION 2 | Marketing Conference

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Asiannovation|Asia Marketing Conference

There are a lot of reasons that you should be at ASIANNOVATION 2, the biggest gathering of 
Asian Marketers that will be held this July 19-20 at Makati Shangri-La Plaza.

A LOT OF REASONS but why are you not grabbing one of the limited slots for the event?
Still thinking the benefits then allow me to cite 5 compelling reasons why you should be there.


You can call me a sucker for free but who does not enjoy getting lots of goodies for free in an event. Every year the National Marketing Conference gives attendees a loot bag that I eagerly await. There is a child in me that wanted surprises while opening the loot bag. The act of opening the loot bag brings me back to my childhood and I can’t help but smile and feel young again in undergoing this process.

The Asian Marketing Conference is no exception. This is a guarantee! I should know I have been one of the attendees last 2008 when this event was held in the Philippines (nope I am not revealing my age:) ).


This year the Philippine Marketing Association partnered with different stores to give the attendees cool discounts. Again, I love getting value for my money. This added value given by PMA is uber cool. Some of the merchants are Katsu Grill, Sixt Rent A Car, Tan-Gan, Trio, Banana Peel, Saver’s Appliance Depot, Little Asia, Rai rai Ken and a lot more.


Get to know your future business partners during the event. This may prove to be something that you do not expect but just happens. No, it is not magic. It is a product of face-to-face encounters. Indeed, this is better than facebook and linked-in.


This one is related to item no. 3. I always believe that you expand your network better when you meet them face-to-face. I always believe that small talk leads to bigger and fruitful relationships. There are no strangers but friends you haven’t met. This truism is what NETWORKING is all about.


If you will have the opportunity to listen to different Asian Marketing Leaders what do you think will you get out of this? Of course, IDEAS will lead you to the process of IDEATION. IDEATION will lead you to IMPLEMENTATION of a new process or CREATION of a marketing plan.

There you go 5 reasons why be part of ASIANNOVATION 2. If you are now convinced the next best thing to do is call tel.no. 643.3887. After fulfilling the requirements you are in!

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