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Monday, July 23, 2012

By Jaq Foo
Are you getting tired of working at only 50% efficiency? This list of quick tips, optimizations and productivity strategies will get you working at 100% power in no time.
Read them, apply them, and watch as your work output improves, your time input decreases, and your lifestyle shoots right up dramatically. Let's go:
Personal Productivity Tip #1: Micro-test your work times.
Do you often find that you're more efficient and productive in the mornings? Shape your work day around those times.
For example, spent a week or two working with different day times for your major workload, and see which one produces the best results. After the quick test period, shape your workday around those peak times and watch your results increase.
Personal Productivity Tip #2: Remind yourself to work.
This can be as simple as posting a message on your laptop screen or setting a new desktop wallpaper.
Get an inspirational quote, a personal message, or even just a text file saying "get more done." These changes aren't huge, but they'll teach you how to improve personal productivity like no other.
Personal Productivity Tip #3: Limit and restrict yourself.
Are you often tempted to waste time on irrelevant websites? Use a Firefox plug in (Leechblock is one of the best) to make sure that you don't waste any more time on websites that aren't directly related to your work output.
Personal Productivity Tip #4: Don't look for optimizations, look for major changes.
What major problems are sucking up most of your work time and minimizing the amount of time that you can spend on your workload? For many, the things that waste the most time aren't the things that are easiest to change.
Spend a couple of weeks working on the big changes, and then use the small optimizations to improve your stable work platform.
By applying these quick tips, you'll learn how to improve personal productivity, boost your work output, and enjoy a lifestyle that isn't 100% dominated by work.
*Important Note* => We only have 24 hours a day. How do we achieve greater productivity? Here's how.
What you see here is just the tip of the iceberg. You are about to get more things done - in less time - as we reveal the secrets of power productivity strategies here...

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