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Thursday, July 26, 2012

by Kumaravel Viswanathan

Do you have to be rich to get happiness? No. Perhaps an easier way to grow wealth would be to adopt a smart way to check expenses. Derive your own goal-setting techniques and focus all you need to make to increase savings. There are no hard a fast rules, but a sincere attempt done consistently will work wonders over a time. Patients, organizing yourself, sensible spending, minimizing debts, power of reviewing past expenses to find unwanted or avoidable expenditure are the key to grow wealth systematically. The results are very encouraging.
If you are poor, a little more money can give you everlasting happiness. In a country that is economically growing, if you have a place to live with ceiling fan to beat the heat it sounds satisfying. On the other hand, if all your basic needs fulfilled, then more money necessarily cannot buy more happiness. You are certainly robbed of all the happiness that you are longing.
The truth is that you have better control over your finances; you have less money stress in life. Obviously, no stress means happy living. The secret is that if you have full control over your investments, you can choose to save money. Saving your money at time when you have good earnings can reap benefits at times of hardships. You need not have to beg or borrow with anyone. This is the biggest drudgery.
Following are the basic six steps that help to grow wealth.
1. Organize yourself
You do not need any advanced tool or a professional to support you. All you need a sort of system that is simpler to work with and check. Let it be a system that flashes you the moment anything goes out of your control. Concentrate on the four basics Income, Expenditure, Debts and Savings.
2. Sensible Spending
If you have trouble living within your means, you need to identify the expenses that pinch your pocket the most. Simply scan through your last months expenses. Perform a Paeroto analysis (80: 20 Principles) "Twenty percent of the items that give 80 percent of the total cost by value". This is a principle to prioritize your focus on the cost.
3. Minimize Debt.
In today's economy, affording a house, or planning for a renovation in the house has become a dream. One needs to depend on loans. Borrowings managed based on your re-paying capacity. Find out suitable avenues that fit in your capacity.
4. Earmark 15 percent to 20 percent for your monthly savings of your income.
The moment you start saving money, you tend to have a total control on your financial issues. You automatically start driving yourself to divide a portion of your income towards savings account.
5. Sincere Goal setting
The first step to get what you want in life is to decide what you want. Visualizing what you want is the key to goal setting. The more practical you are in-goal setting the more the chances of achieving your targets. Please bear in mind that along with goal setting you need also plan a road map to achieve them.
6. Learn to be content with what you have.
Trick to this is to browse through your achievements periodically. This will give you encouragements to do more. Set your mind with least needs for contentment.
Most people believe that money buys happiness, independence, security and status. However, the irony is that these people have given money the power to control them. As a result, these people keep wanting more and losing control on the spending.
The best way to take control on your spending is to adopt good practice of planning, organizing and saving.

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