Brand Must Reflect Reason for Being

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Hermawan Kartajaya - Brand Must Reflect "Reason for Being"

MarkPlus is Marketing Plus! It was seen in the first logo I created. There are nine small square box that I collated three times three.

In the three boxes on the top line, I put the letters MAR. In the three boxes on the second row, I put KET. Arrangement of letters in the last line is the I-N-G. So, if you read:-MAR-KET ING.

To illustrate Plus, I played black and white. On the top row, the letter M in black color with a white background. A white color on black box and R colors in black and white. K-E-T three white on black boxes. Finally, back again as the first line, I black and white, white N on a black, and G in black and white.

Thus, background-MAR-KET ING will be read as a black cross.

Everything is clear and explicit, that I really want to say that business is marketing plus others. That is, all other functions such as finance, operation, and human resources to follow the marketing decisions.

Thus, since the beginning of the establishment of Professional Service MarkPlus in Surabaya on May 1, 1990, I've wanted to do a "redefinition" of marketing. I strongly believe that marketing is a "function" which had a higher level than others. At that time, I was amazed at Unilever very "marketing".

At Unilever, marketing director at that time had a position above the "half rate" than any other director. It was "recognized and accepted" by nature.

I became increasingly amazed at Unilever that time, when the time to visit the factory. Ordinary course, no one I istimewa.Teman, Mr. Ibn who was human resources manager, said that Unilever is the biggest secret of his brand. "If this tomorrow Unilever factory fire, brand Pepsodent is still large and can be produced at the plant anywhere." Later I grew to understand the importance of brand when they learned that Nike did not even have a single plant! But, they have a strong brand!

All other functions aimed to "supports" the decision a very important marketing is. R & D directed to make products in accordance with the "direction" brand predetermined. In the case of Pepsodent, then "white teeth" is a strategy used for Pepsodent. If that happens the opposite, in fact dangerous!

Make products that are considered first "good and competitive", but is not in accordance with the "white teeth". Eventually, the brand will be weak and did not sell any products!

So did the production. Quality of toothpaste to create a "white teeth" that should be kept in accordance with the brand promise. Human resources had been recruited since the beginning have had to understand that.

Finance was directed to "finance" to "white teeth" that will increasingly become a reality and more and more users. Therefore, spending in the form of advertising, research and development, human resource training, and so also be directed!

How to channel? Well, the distributor of Unilever's "think" only in Unilever's request to conduct investment in infrastructure such as car canvas, warehouse, or the computer! Why?

Yes because Unilever had a strong bargaining position due to a strong brand! In fact, the distributor was "willing" organized by Unilever in terms of orders of goods and the selling price to the retailer! Once again, it all happened because there is a strong brand!

Frankly, that's what I did on the first day MarkPlus: determine the "direction" or even a reason for being for the birth MarkPlus Professional Service. If there is no good reason and unique in establishing a company, other activities will be "sporadic".

To me, business is marketing plus others is reason for being, not just a logo. I strongly believe that it is very true. Also, all my products and all activities must support it!

I also believe that the logo should be clear and easily understood.

Especially if I set up a new company that has not been known!

I still remember the words that the meaning of Putera Sampoerna SAMPOERNA which also nine letters were much "better" than the Dji Sam Soe, who was better known! For this reason, a decision he is wearing a corporate brand Sampoerna, Dji Sam Soe is not! Thus, all activities should be directed to ensure "the Sampoerna's"!

Because I was so obsessed in the sanctity number nine, I came to believe that the logo MARKETING totaling nine letters hokkie that will take me. Because of that, I still believe that MarkPlus not be "fat" or start and "plus" or die within three months, as my friend predictions.


Start with a logo with the "meaning of" as a reason for being for a new company! (*)

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