Top 7 Ways to Increase Sales

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Top 7 Ways to Increase Sales Regardless of the Economy

Has the economy put your sales into a tailspin? Here are 7 ways to reverse those dismal sales and put more dollars into your bank account.
#1 - Track your progress - Until you know where you are, what you need to increase sales and your current sales results, it is difficult to increase sales. Return to your sales action plan located within your business strategic action plan. If you do not have one, how is that working for you? Research says that only 1 out of 10 people will change. Will you be one of the 10 who changes or 9 out of the 10 who stay where they are, currently in a fetal position suffering from the Ain't It Awful Virus?
#2 - Know your numbers - Just as you know what 10x10 equals, you should have the same memory recall when it comes to your sales numbers. How many contacts do you make before an appointment is scheduled? How many appointments lead to actual opportunities to present your case? How many presentations lead to an actually earned sale? How many delighted and loyal customers refer new customers to you? Knowing you numbers is a sales skill.
I#3 - Increase your current focused actions by 10% - What would happen if you increased your current actions by 10%? If you know your numbers (see Top Way #2), you would then know that you only had to make 10 more calls to secure one new client.
#4 - Reconnect with all customers 30 to 60 days - Your existing customers are your greatest pool of profitability and referrals. Do not let that dry up because you have failed to reconnect with them.
#5 - Leave your ego at the door - Now is especially not the time to have your ego bouncing ahead of you as you enter an existing client's office or meet with that new potential qualified customer. Consider leaving the old paradigm of sales based marketing and embrace education based marketing.
#6 - Be authentic in all interactions - People buy from people they first know and then trust. Do be trustworthy means that you must be authentic. How authentic are you? What are others saying about you?
#7 - Listen more than you talk. - Follow the 80/20 rule. Listen 80% of the time and talk only 20%. This can quickly jump start your sales.
Yes you can thrive in a down economy provided you are willing to take action to increase sales. Print out this article. Then put one of these ways within the next 24 hours into action. If you fail to take action, then reread Top Way #1 and consider sales coaching or hiring a sales coach.
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