5 Ways to Better Your Event Management Security

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Recently one of my friends lost her Iphone. It was stolen in a tradeshow that she attended last week. Her sad experience is just one of the million stories that take place in events like conferences, tradeshows, concerts, expos and other business events that we can think of.

It seems that even if we have made great advancement in security technology, thieves find a way to get away with their crime.

However, we are not helpless. In our events, we record zero to lower than 1 percent chances of lost items. Here are simple things we do that we believe can also help you make a better event management security.

1.       Event Management Security Orientation

Always conduct an event management security orientation to all the participants of your event. Often  participants do not realize the security issues in a conference, trade shows, expos and concerts. As I always emphasize, the safest time in an event is during pre-opening and closing. While the riskiest is the actual event where a lot of people gather and we cannot identify or judge properly who are possible thieves.

2.       Lockable Cabinets and Cable Locks

Always demand contractors to provide lockable cabinets which they have (although sometimes it will cost you extra). This cabinet you can use to store your important machines and items, most especially the smaller ones.

In addition, bring cable locks to lock your laptop and mobile phones. There are modus operandi where a thief post as a potential buyer and talks to you while his companion which you are not aware of position at your blindside to take your valuable items. Cable locks prevent them from snapping easily your valuable items.

3.       Security Augmentation

Always augment your security when you see that the volume of people is increasing. We cannot scrimp on this area. It is not only security but safety that you are managing in events.

4.       Security Visibility

Your security must be visible and placed in strategic areas of your event. Psychologically, the presence of security discourages thieves from perpetrating crimes.

5.       Security Consciousness

My friend lost this consciousness. But I do not blame her. Sometimes we get lost in the moment. Events bombard you with a lot of stimulus and this make you lose your guard on security matters. However, by practicing security consciousness and making it a habit to be security conscious when in big crowds you will prevent sad experience from happening.

Technology is there like CCTVs to improve our security, however it is the behavior of the people not to be lax and be always guarded that is the best solution to prevent thugs for doing what they do in events. 

As an events management organizer and manager, this is one of the key result areas that we are judged if we are competent or not.

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