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Sunday, August 19, 2012

In recent years, there are changes that are taking place in the scene of business events. It used to be that we only see tradeshows independently staged by exhibition organizers, and convention staged independently by convention organizers. Now, the two are being merged. This strategy is better.

The merging of this two elements are now being called hybrid events. This is advantageous to organizers, as numbers of quality attendees are attracted to take part in the convention. After breaks or when these attendees felt listening fatigue to speakers they can just go to the tradeshow area to look for business opportunities.

Notable in the local scene is the resent Philippine Retailers Association conference and its Superstore Asia exhibition. Another is the Ad Congress and its Trade Exhibition.

The results of hybrid events are outstanding. More businesses are being generated and more companies are seeing the beauty of promoting in this kind of events.

Indeed, it is like what is being practiced in the software industry of Bundling – merging different independent features to create more value to a product or services.

Hybrid events offer more dynamism and excitement to attendees. This trend will continue to grow. I should day it makes face-to-face interaction more valuable and is here to stay as a promotion tool.

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