The Critical 7 of Pre-event Planning

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

If you ask me the most important part of an event is the Pre-event. It is the part where you put all the elements of a great event together.

Here are some of the things I put emphasis during planning a conference and exhibition.

  1.       Speakers Management
  2.       Attendees Management
  3.       Sponsorship and Exhibitors Management
  4.       Stage Management
  5.       Program Management
  6.       Venue Management
  7.       Staff Management

I call this my critical 7. There are a lot of details that goes into every area of each items. Indeed, GOD is in the details, and I always go with the former Intel President and Founder Andrew Grove dictum, “Only the paranoid survives”.

But this week when the weather does not allow events people to have orderly technical meetings to discuss the Critical 7 (I know I have one technical meeting that was cancelled today because of impassable roads) what does the project manager do?

This is another matter that is reserved for another discussion.

While I write this piece in front of a weather that has gone mad and images of flooded places in Metro Manila and nearby provinces, I cannot concentrate. I am thinking about the hardships and lives lost in this never ending drama that we encounter every year. I just wanted to register this message to all the people out there stay safe, help is on the way and God will never abandon you.

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