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Thursday, February 28, 2013

It is hard to be an event organizer or to be an event manager. The number of details you have to remember, the many suppliers you have to coordinate, the layers of departments and staff you have to command, and many more are like rocks that you carry on your shoulder while walking in a very slim patch of road on the side of a cliff – one wrong move your dead.

Therefore, event managers and event organizers have to be reminded of the following to survive and thrive in this very fluid and competitive industry.

1.    Dedication

You have to be dedicated to the craft. I saw a lot of talents fell in the wayside of this industry. They got talent but they lack dedication. This spell doom for their career.

Dedication is also called commitment. If you are committed to something there is no way that you will not triumph. All the time, I will go for people that are committed versus talented people

Committed people deliver results.

2.    Discipline

If you do not have discipline in this industry then you are dead. Discipline allows you to be consistent. A committed person without discipline is nothing. Discipline allows you to perform the tasks in order. Discipline allows you to have the strength to follow rules. On the other hand, if you are an event manager or event organizer, creating a disciplined staff is critical to success. 

Often times, things become more chaotic because of lack of discipline.I usually visualize the movie “300” - disciplined Spartan warriors were able to hold and defeat, for a period of time, the invading Persians. Their secret is their discipline.

3.    Determination

Determination is the firmness of character. A determined event manager or event organizer is unstoppable. In the midst of the many failures and risks an event or expo has, a determined event manager can overcome all of these.

In fact, risks and failures are breakfast of a determined event manager.

There are a lot of Philippines cases and stories about event manager and event organizer that are determined to win versus a very big challenge. Guess what, the won.

The event manager’s secret? Their determination.

4.    Desire

Every event managers and event organizers have mark of wounds that they display as a badge of honour. In this industry filled with unpredictable events, to fail is part of the job. But to bounce back and get better is the exciting part.

What makes every event manager and event organizer stay in this industry? If this industry is full of difficult situations why stay? Why not get a new career?

The answer lies in the word desire.  Desire is the fire in the belly. It makes you wake-up and embrace the morning, go to work and perform your function.

Event managers and event organizers with strong desire to their work and events industry are people that have found their passion.

Desire is the strongest among the four D’s listed here. One reason is that is the very deep in the emotional realm.

Event Management and Expo Management are not for the weak of hearts. Event Managers and Event Organizer that have these 4D’s will outperform and outlast the competition – guaranteed!

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