The Challenge of Using QR Code in Events Management in the Philippines

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

QR Code or Quick Response Code is prevalent in our commercial transactions. No doubt, QR Code is a great way in promoting our business further. Just a scan of the code and the customers can get all the necessary information of our company and offerings.

However, in our country, in particular in events, QR Codes still have a big hump to get over with. This is the internet connection.

In fact, even in some events in other countries that places QR codes as one of its tool the fast connectivity is an issue. Like me, I see a lot of users getting frustrated in using QR Codes because of the slow, slow, slow connectivity and sometimes no connectivity in the internet at all.

Hong Kong is one benchmark of fast internet connectivity and no surprise QR code as a tool is getting high at the promotion tool pedestal.

So, I say yes to QR Code only if we can improve the connectivity of our internet.

Just recently, I have a vendor who boasts the effectiveness of QR Code. I expressed my doubts to him. He said as a reply that they have already made adjustments. Even in great doubt, I showed my confidence. On the actual day of the events, QR Codes scanning is a headache for us the event manager and for the visitors.

You guess it! we are back to the good old calling cards and flyers in that particular event. And my friend, just give me his childish grin.

But all is not lost; QR Code is still the future.

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